Keeping Fit As You Age: Fall Prevention Exercises for Seniors

The CDC shares that upwards of 1/3 of all older adults fall every year, and surprisingly, fewer than half of them discuss those falls with their doctors. When an older adult falls, even if it does not result in serious injury, he or she can develop an increased fear of falling, which can lead to limited activities, reduced mobility, reduced physical fitness, and eventually, an enhanced risk of another fall. However, keeping active and incorporating fall prevention exercises for seniors into your daily routine can help.

In our previous blog post, we outlined some home alterations you can make to give senior safety a boost and lower the risk of a fall. Additionally, there are certain exercises that older adults can do regularly that will increase muscle strength and improve balance, not only helping to reduce the risk of falls, but also providing the senior with more confidence and overall improved wellbeing. Check with your loved one’s doctor first, and then try the following fall prevention exercises for seniors, as suggested by the team in at home care for seniors at Montebello Home Care:

  • Leg Lifts: Raise the knee as high as your hip (if possible), using a sturdy object such as a chair to maintain balance. Hold the leg up for three seconds or more.
  • Flex and Point: In a sitting position, point the toes and then flex them. Repeat with both feet.
  • Toe Taps: While seated, simply tap the toes, repeating with alternating feet.
  • Sit-to-Stand: Use a chair for support to stand and then return to a seated position. Attempt to gradually decrease reliance on the support as legs are strengthened.
  • Calf Muscle Strengthening: Hold onto a wall, chair or the kitchen counter, and then repeatedly raise up and down on tiptoes. As strength increases, try to go higher up on the toes and eventually attempt the movement on one foot at a time.
  • Shin Muscle Strengthening: Stand and lean against a wall with heels placed 7 – 8” from the wall. Lift the toes of both of feet off the ground as high as possible.
  • One-legged Stand: Holding onto a secure object, raise one leg off the ground and maintain balance on the standing leg.

A fall at home can be devastating for an older adult. Contact Montebello Home Care, experts in at home care for seniors, to learn more about fall prevention and how to help a senior you love safely improve mobility. Call us any time at 409-276-7576 or complete our simple online contact form to get started and learn more about our top-rated Beaumont, TX senior care and the surrounding communities we serve.

Tips To Reduce The Risk of Senior Falls

Falling down can be painful, but for an older adult, falling can have devastating effects, including a fractured hip, which can lead to a wide range of additional health concerns. A full one-fourth of all seniors who experience a fractured hip die within six months of the fracture; a disturbing, yet preventable fact about the risk of senior falls. Contact us online or call us at 409-276-7576 to learn how we can help with in home senior care services.

Making a few simple alterations to the senior’s home can help foster a safer environment and help prevent dangerous senior falls. To follow are some easy home modification suggestions from Montebello Home Care, the Lumberton, TX senior care experts for the surrounding areas, to help reduce the risk of senior falls.

  • Lights:
    • Replace all light bulbs on a regular basis to ensure there is plenty of lighting in the senior’s home
    • Use nightlights or motion detector lights for enhanced visibility at night
    • Be sure there are no electrical cords stretched across walking areas
  • Floors:
    • Use low pile carpet or slip-proof tile
    • Remove all throw rugs, or secure them with non-slip tape
    • Utilize contrasting colors with paint, furniture and carpeting to designate changes in surface types or levels
    • Do not use floor polish
  • Bathroom:
    • Add grab bars to walls around the tub and beside the toilet, sturdy enough to support an adult’s full weight
    • Add slip-proof strips or mats in and around the bathtub
    • Use a wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser on the shower wall
    • Utilize a portable, hand-held shower head
    • Add a padded shower or bath seat

In addition to these ideas, there are plenty of products available to help with preventing senior falls at home, such as:

  • Door Alarms: If your loved one has a propensity to wander, particularly at night, door alarms can alert you or the senior’s caregiver that he or she is moving about and could be in danger of falling.
  • Monitoring Systems: Monitoring systems are a popular and efficient way to keep track of a senior’s movements in the home. Sensors can be positioned throughout the home, and some even include calling capabilities for the senior to alert a caregiver if a fall or other emergency is experienced.
  • Fall Management Footwear: These products feature rubber grips on the bottom to help prevent slipping, and are suitable for seniors who are at a heightened risk for falling. There are even water-proof, slip-resistant socks that can be worn in the bath or shower.
  • Bedrails: Many elderly falls happen during the night as seniors move about in their sleep or get up to go to a different room in the house. Bedrails can keep older adults from falling out of bed and provide something to grab onto when standing up to get out of bed.

With so many older adults deciding to age in place at home rather than moving into a nursing home, it’s imperative to ensure the home is as safe as can be. The professional home care team at Montebello Home Care can help families evaluate the risk of senior falls in the home, make home alteration recommendations, and provide the skilled, compassionate care seniors need. Contact us today to learn more from our Lumberton, TX senior care options and the areas we serve at 409-276-7576. To find out if our home care services are available in your community, please visit our Service Area page.