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How Help at Home Improves Life for Seniors

As we grow older, it’s common to begin to experience difficulties with everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, or even driving a vehicle, which can bring on concerns that these challenges mean that we’ll need to give up not only our freedom, but our home as well. But there is good news for […]

The Importance of a Good Diet for Chemo Patients

Maintaining a healthy diet is particularly important for those undergoing chemotherapy or another type of cancer treatment, but one of the leading side effects preventing patients from eating well is a change in how food tastes. It’s necessary to alleviate this and other obstacles to healthy eating in order to preserve the strength needed for […]

Dementia Caregiving: Get the Help You Need at Home

Although scores of older adults are dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, a far greater number of family members are struggling with taking care of them. Surprisingly, nearly 75% of family care providers are managing their senior loved ones’ dementia caregiving needs by themselves, with only 26% reaching out for professional care services. Naturally, […]

What You Need to Know About the Current Alzheimer’s Treatment Options

The most up-to-date Alzheimer’s statistics are worrying. The illness has become the sixth leading cause of death, overtaking both breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. And even though deaths from several chronic conditions, like cardiovascular illnesses, are decreasing, those from Alzheimer’s have increased in excess of 100%. The toll the disease takes on family caregivers […]

Port Arthur Home Health Care Services: Tips for Reducing the Risk of Senior Falls

Falling down can be painful, but for an older adult, falling can have devastating effects, including a fractured hip, which can lead to a wide range of additional health concerns. A full one-fourth of all seniors who experience a fractured hip die within six months of the fracture; a disturbing, yet preventable fact. Making a […]