A caregiver providing after-surgery care in Beaumont, TX smiles at an older adult sitting in a wheelchair.

Undergoing surgery is often a taxing process for older adults. Being displaced from their home for a few days, being under the care of a variety of hospital workers, managing a host of new medications—it can be overwhelming. And once an older adult leaves the hospital after surgery, the journey is really just beginning. From maintaining a medication schedule to tending to wounds in the process of healing, the recovery process after surgery can be just as daunting as the surgery itself. That’s why when families need after-surgery care in Beaumont, TX and the nearby areas, they contact Montebello Home Care!

What Does Our Transitional Care in Beaumont, TX Include?

After-surgery care is a service we offer to help older adults make a smooth transition from the hospital to their home and ensure their recovery process is as easy as possible. As recovering from surgery may include new care needs that family caregivers or the older adult may not be equipped to fulfill, getting help from a professional caregiver who is carefully trained in transitional care needs can make a major difference in the healing journey.

Our after-surgery care services include:

  • Transportation services to follow-up doctors’ visits
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Assistance running errands
  • Personal care, including bathing or using the bathroom
  • And more!

Not only do these services help lower the likelihood of readmission to the hospital, our services also help the older adult feel as safe and comfortable as possible as they face all of these new after-surgery care needs. With a caregiver present to help guide the older adult through the recovery process and any changing care needs that may arise, you can be sure that the older adult you love will be in good hands with our services.

Why Choose Montebello Home Care?

Montebello Home Care is a top-rated home care agency that believes the older adults in our community deserve the best care possible. Our founder has deep roots in the community, and our agency has spent years building a strong reputation of providing the most professional and trusted care in the area. And it all starts with expert caregivers.

Montebello Home Care caregivers are second to none. We ensure that each person we employ undergoes a thorough background check and expert training to make sure we are placing only the most qualified caregivers in our area in the homes of the older adults we care for.

Our caregivers also deliver customizable services that take the specific care needs of each older adult into consideration. We monitor the people we care for so that we are prepared to tweak the services we provide at any given time to help accommodate every older adult’s changing needs as they age at home.

When you need care at home, we are the agency to turn to!