Nederland TX home care caregiver looking at photo album with senior client in hot pink

When home care is needed, it is often discovered during extended holiday visits with a senior loved one – something just seems “off.” Perhaps Mom seems more forgetful. Maybe her home, which has always been immaculately cleaned and organized, is now cluttered with stacks of papers and mail, dirty dishes in the sink, and laundry haphazardly tossed on furniture. Or she may be sleeping much more during the day but awake throughout the night; or neglecting personal hygiene.

Whatever the differences, whether subtle or more glaring, the time may come when an older adult is no longer thriving or safe living alone, and the need for in-home care becomes apparent. A good first step is always to schedule an appointment with the senior’s physician to address any health concerns. Next, take stock of the specific needs of the senior. We’ve compiled a list to help you best determine when home care is needed:

Minor Care Needs

Warranted if the senior could benefit from:

  • Personal assistance, such as with bathing and dressing, using the rest room, hair and skin care, or taking medications
  • Socialization to stave off isolation and to help enhance quality of life and enable him or her to be more engaged in the outside world and community
  • Transportation to medical appointments or fun outings
  • Help with running errands, light housework, and meal preparation

Moderate Care Needs

For seniors who:

  • May require assistance during an emergency
  • Are at risk for falls or need help with ambulating or transferring
  • Are in the beginning stages of cognitive decline

Advanced Care Needs

Full-time care is appropriate for seniors if they:

  • Definitely require assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Are unable to transfer from bed to chair without assistance
  • Are experiencing the effects of moderate to advanced cognitive impairment

Understanding When Home Care Is Needed

Whether the need is for occasional respite care to allow family caregivers to take a much-needed break to attend to their own needs, around-the-clock care to ensure a senior is attended to at all times, or anything in between, Montebello Home Care can help!

To learn more about our Beaumont home care services and the availability throughout Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange counties, contact us today. Our home care plans are always customized to the unique needs of each individual – ensuring that the perfect level of care is always available as needed to help older adults maintain the highest possible level of safety, independence, and quality of life.

If you’re looking for a Beaumont patient sitter in the nearby areas, you can reach us any time at 409-276-7576 with any questions, to request helpful resources, or to schedule a free in-home consultation.