Caregiver woman shaving a senior male

Montebello Home Care’s personal care services are second to none. Whether an aging loved one needs general personal care or specialized services, we are prepared to help them manage their daily needs while they age at home. We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Hair care
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication management
  • And more!

When you work with Montebello Home Care, we’ll start the journey with an in-home consultation that allows us to listen to and assess the aging adult’s needs and how we can best serve them. This will help us determine what personal care services to provide, as well as what personal tasks the aging loved one can still complete themselves, which helps to preserve the senior’s independence.

We also offer specialized services for tasks that may be particularly challenging for seniors to manage on their own at home. However, our expert caregivers are trained in delivering these services carefully and compassionately to make the senior as comfortable as possible. These services include:

Incontinence Care

As loved ones age, it may become more challenging for them to make it to the restroom when they need it. Incontinence can be caused by inactivity, weakened muscles, medications, and even more issues that are common in aging adults. And for an older adult, managing incontinence can be a potentially embarrassing ordeal. However, while this may be an uncomfortable issue to address, it’s a fact of aging, and you can get help navigating it!

We offer incontinence care in Beaumont, TX and the nearby areas for both urinary and bowel incontinence. When providing incontinence care for older adults, our caregivers are careful and thoughtful in how they handle the process, ensuring that respect and comfort come first. With our team, you are receiving the best care in Beaumont, TX and the nearby areas.

Shower and Bathing Assistance

Navigating bath time can become an intimidating process as loved ones lose mobility or balance as they age. With the risk of slippery floors, raised surfaces, and overstimulation, it can become dangerous for seniors to bathe alone. We offer shower assistance for elderly loved ones to ensure that they feel as safe and independent as possible during bath time.

Our professional caregivers are trained to prioritize independence and dignity, as we understand this is a potentially uncomfortable experience for elderly loved ones. Ensuring a safe environment during bath time is our goal, and our caregivers are dedicated to helping every person we serve feel as secure as possible.

How Can I Start Senior Personal Care Services Today?

If you’re looking for the top senior personal care services in Beaumont, TX or the nearby areas for an elderly loved one, contact Montebello Home Care online or at 409-276-7576! We are happy to have a free in-home consultation with you about your loved one’s needs and how we can best fulfill them with our expert personal care services. Get in touch today!